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Composites have long been used in aerospace to improve fuel economy through lightweighting, but current manufacturing technologies are too slow and expensive for automotive applications.


WEAV3D’s composite manufacturing technology will make composite production fast and cost-effective. Their patent pending, automated technology will reduce the cost of manufacturing carbon fiber composites by 50% and increase production rate by 10x, providing automotive OEMs with a cost-effective method to meet federal fuel economy targets.

business model

In Year 1 and 2, WEAV3D will use its own pilot composite forming machine to fabricate samples that can be used as part of the automotive feasibility study and part production approval process. WEAV3D will derive revenue from the sale of these samples and from non-recurring engineering as they work with their automotive customers to optimize their part designs for the production process.

state of development

Prototype phase

grants/awards to date

$50,000 Phase 1 Grant from the Georgia Research Alliance

$8,000 from the Georgia Tech Enterprise Innovation Institute

$50,000 from the National Science Foundation’s I-Corps Program

3-6 month milestones

Finish Full Scale Pilot Machine, November 2017

Incorporate WEAV3D, November 2017

Apply for National Science Foundation STTR, December 05, 2017


Chris Oberste: CEO


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