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All industries produce waste and byproducts as a result of manufacturing and mining. Currently, the United States does not have a secure domestic supply of Rare Earth Elements that make up the foundation of our National Defense Systems, Electronics, Medical, Alloy, Magnet, and Renewable Energy. The United States’s current infrastructure and high-tech industries are over 85% reliant upon China which controls 97% of the world’s Rare Earth supply.


Thor ORE’s is developing innovative nano-filtration systems capable of withstanding the harsh and demanding environments of the mining and manufacturing industries. Their nano-filtration systems will be able to selectively extract strategic and critical materials from waste that would otherwise be stockpiled and left as a liability and environmental hazard.

business model

Most Rare Earth mining companies are focused on extracting Rare Earth elements as their primary revenue stream. Thor ORE’s nano-filtration system will allow mines with sufficient Rare Earths in their waste stream to have modular revenue streams.

state of development

Prototype phase

3-6 month milestones

Bench Scale Testing

Small Scale Pilot Plant with Private Investors

Selling Nano-Filtration Systems


Glenn Wagner: CEO

Brandon Carpenter: COO

Dylan Weitzman: Chief Research Officer, Principle Investigator

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