technology area

Energy Storage/IoT


Multiple types of sensors are projected to be used to various industries. However, wired power supply imposes serious restrictions on widely disseminating IoT devices. Low-voltage is not always available, which requires costly installation of additional power lines. Battery power supply only partly solves the problem. While having substantially lower installation costs, this approach does require annual maintenance for changing discharged batteries.


Teratonix is developing an energy harvesting device that will replace batteries in low-power IoT devices. The device will convert ambient radio-frequency radiation into useful DC-power. Applications include building and industrial automation

state of development

Prototype phase

3-6 month milestones

Develop a product demonstration with a low-power device manufacturer. This demonstration will present a maintenance-free self-powered version of the manufacturer's product.


Yi Luo, Technology Development
Ivan Pistsov, Business Development

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