solstice energy solutions 


technology area

Clean Energy


In Nigeria, a majority of the population uses costly, polluting diesel generators due to limited access to reliable power.


The device allows users to monitor, meter, and control all of their power sources from a mobile application while Solstice back-end software uses their data to provide targeted interventions to help them cut costs and recommend custom, cleaner alternatives.

business model

The team’s initial focus is on urban, middle- to upper-class homeowners, property managers, and real estate developers in Lagos, Nigeria, a city of 4.2 million homes.

state of development

Currently operating on an invite-only basis.

grants/awards to date

2017 Berkeley Cleantech University Prize

3-6 month milestones

Officially launch in 2017


Ugwem Eneyo: Co-Founder / CEO

Cole Stites-Clayton: Co-Founder / CTO


website/social media