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technology area

Clean Energy


According to the EPA, the United States alone emits over 6,000 million metric tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year.  Besides being implicated as a contributor to global climate change, these emissions are currently wasted resources that could otherwise be used productively to make useful materials.


SkyNano is focused on the electrochemical conversion of carbon dioxide into all carbon-based nanomaterials that can be used for a variety of applications. Their technology overcomes cost limitations associated with traditional carbon nanomaterial production and utilizes carbon dioxide as the only direct chemical feedstock.

business model

Using patent-pending technology developed at Vanderbilt University, their technique overcomes cost and scaleability limitations associated with traditional carbon nanotube manufacturing techniques, while also giving commercial viability to carbon conversion technologies through the introduction of a high-value secondary material produced from greenhouse gas inputs.

state of development

Prototype phase

3-6 month milestones

Bench Scale Testing

Small Scale Pilot Plant with Private Investors

Selling Nano-Filtration Systems


Anna Douglas: Founder


Cary Pint: Founder

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