Skycool systems 


"Providing sustainable, high-efficiency cooling and refrigeration solutions for our warming planet."


industry verticals

HVAC - Refrigeration - Building Efficiency - Renewables 


Supermarket owners have electricity costs on part with their slim profit margins - 50% of their electricity costs are spent on refrigeration.


SkyCool Systems offers a way to improve the operating efficiency of their refrigeration and cooling systems, 24 hours a day, reducing their overall electricity costs by as much as 20% annually. 


Aswath Raman CEO

Elias Goldstein CTO


Business Model 

SkyCool will sell their fluid cooling panels through existing refrigeration and HVAC channels as an add-on to new and existing systems. They estimate a sales price of $6/ft2 at a 50% gross margin. They are also investigating financing financing options to lease the panels on the basis of energy saved (i.e. ESCOs), so that their end customers have no up-front costs. 

Development stage

TRL 6 - System/Subsystem demonstration in a relevant environment. 

grants and awards to date

  • ARPA-E $550K 
  • TomKat Center Tech Transfer Award $30K 
  • NSF I-Corps $50K 
  • FLoW Competition - 2nd Place $5K 

3-6 month milestones 

  • Demonstrate larger-area operation of the prototype panels over an extended time period 
  • Deploy a pilot-scale test of efficiency improvement of a baseline A/C or refrigeration system augmented by their panels 
  • Obtain agreements for the first sales/pilots on customer rooftops with key partners (refrigeration equipment manufacturers, utilities, supermarkets) onboard
  • Secure a seed round of $500K 

Additional needs 

  • Advisors with experience and wide networks in the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry 
  • Office/Lab space in the bay area
  • Funding: Both equity and non-equity


Aaswath Raman at