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Clean Energy


In Nigeria, over 100 million people lack access to energy.  Eighty-six percent of businesses operate on self-generators, and 48% of the total power in the country is self-generated from generators.


RE-Empower is working to provide Nigerians with access to affordable, clean, and reliable energy by designing, installing, operating, and maintaining renewable energy systems.

business model

They plan on focussing on small- to medium-sized Nigerian enterprises with high electricity costs. They will have two ways of charging for their product: a fee per Kilowatt per hour or a fixed pre-pay monthly payment.

state of development

Detailed business plan and partners established

3-6 month milestones

Register their business in Nigeria, partner with Lagos small business group, and secure equipment supplier in US.


Femi Adegbite, CEO

Suparna Mukherjee, VP Finance

Jeff DeJoannis, VP Operations

Rotimi OJo, Country Manager

social media 

Allegheny Cleantech Competition Final Pitch