technology area

Clean Energy


With water scarcity rising, there’s a growing need to safely reuse water in various industries.


Purpled combines the disinfecting power of a photocatalyst with the efficiency of an LED power source. When integrated, the technology can clean water without the use of expensive chemicals like chlorine, and at half the cost of ultraviolet irradiation treatment, thereby enabling the economical reuse of water.

business model

Purpled aims to market its technology to appliance manufacturers, namely water chillers, aquarium manufacturers, and pool managers.

state of development

Prototype phase

grants/awards to date

2017 Cleantech University Prize (UP) Pitch Competition

3-6 month milestones

Secure $50,000 to run feasibility studies of the technology. The team is also working toward raising a $1 million investment to develop 100 customer-ready prototypes in 18 months.


Zhuang Rui  “Ricky” Tan

Michael Moody

Lifu Liu

Mihir Bhagat