3rd place National Cleantech up

"Empowering communities to take the leap towards prosperity by providing renewable and sustainable electricity."


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Renewable Energy 


Many people living in rural areas are forced to use kerosene lighting and diesel generators for electricity because they cannot afford the upfront costs of using solar technology. 


MotoCore enables NovoMoto to provide electricity to off-grid people through a service product model. Using a flexible platform that can be incorporated with individual home systems, microgrids and charging stations, MotoCore provides, monitors and controls the energy use of their customers. 


Aaron Olson Co-Founder

Mehrdad Arjmand Co-Founder


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Business model 

Service model: NovoMoto provides customers with the equipment (PV Panels, MotoCore, inverter, etc.) and appliances (Radio, Fan, TV, etc.) and the customers pay a monthly fee based on their system size and the appliances they choose to have. 

Stage of development 

TRL 6:  Prototype tested in relevant environment 

grants and awards to date

  • National Cleantech University Prize, U.S. Department of Energy 
  • Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Prize, U.S. Department of Energy - Clean Energy Trust Challenge 
  • Clean Cities Prize - Clean Energy Trust Challenge 
  • Hanley Foundation Prize - Clean Energy Trust Challenge 

3-6 Month Milestones 

  1. Develop a platform for MotoCore that is in the price range of interest within 3-5 months. 
  2. First deployment anticipated launch in 6 months. 


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