Lilac solutions 


technology area

Clean Energy


Most of the world’s lithium reserves are found in salt brines, with current production concentrated in South America. The conventional process for extracting lithium from brines requires large evaporation ponds, large quantities of chemical inputs, and long periods of time for construction and processing. This conventional process also suffers from low-lithium recovery and cannot access marginal lithium resources. Lithium producers are seeking new extraction methods to access resources around the world.


Lilac Solutions invented a new ion exchange technology to address the challenges faced by lithium producers. Lilac's technology streamlines operations, boosts lithium recovery, and expands production into marginal resources. Their process is modular and can be scaled.

state of development

Two of the materials identified by the Open Quantum Materials Database were tested experimentally to validate the model. Lilac Solutions has plans to test the remaining 11 materials. Northwestern has filed provisional patent applications for Lilac Solutions’ materials and process.

grants/awards to date

SBIR Grant

Northwestern University Venture Challenge, Green Energy + Sustainability Track

3-6 month milestones

To raise $1 million to manufacture their materials and provide them to lithium mining companies worldwide.

Additional needs

More funding to hire additional employees, to implement a pilot scale, as well as to process and to manufacture their materials.


David Snydacker, CEO

Ryan Zarkesh, Director of Chemistry

Alexander Grant, Chemical Engineer

Mohammadreza Karamad, Materials Design Engineer

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