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"Providing a more cost efficient and environmentally sustainable way to harvest hay."


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Conventional haying requires significant resources


The Iron Goat hay harvester processes directly from a standing wet crop to a dry pellet or cube product while using the biomass energy to drive the harvesting providing a more cost efficient, weather independent, and environmentally sustainable way to harvest hay. 


Jason Force CEO

Todd Schimmel: COO 

Spencer Graves: Business Development 


business model 

Unlike conventional agricultural equipment manufacturers, we believe the best path for us to market is to provide harvesting services based on our technology instead of selling equipment. Our solution is a significant departure from conventional technology and farming culture. By internalizing the operation, maintenance, and production, we provide the market with the advantages of the product and keep the acceptance barrier low. The cubes produced are an existing product, often marketed as "range cubes". While available, the high price of current production methods makes this a commodity only used for emergencies, when other feed sources run out. We plan to deploy our Iron Goat rob herd staff to watch over them. The goal is to have one shepherd running twenty machines in the second year. The shepherd is responsible for harvester tasking, safety, daily service, minor field repairs, and product packaging. We plan to offer packaging in 1 ton super sacks, and options for shipping containers.

stage of development 

Transitioning into TRL 4 - Component and/or breadboard validation in laboratory environment 

grants and awards to date

  • Mass Challenge
  • MIT Clean Energy Competition 

3-6 month milestones 

  • Completion of the production prototype 
  • Acquiring of more investors and interest in the company 

Additional needs 

  • Funding to complete the production prototype
  • Advising and mentorship on marketing the product to the target market 


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