heila Technologies

2016 National champions

"Simplifying the building and management of microgrids."


Industry verticals

Microgrids - IoT 


Today, building a microgrid is a long and expensive process - every component speaks a different language and requires a customized solution, much like internet communication protocols decades ago. With Heila's microgrid controller, disparate energy resources and loads can be automatically integrated and optimized, enabling plug n' play deployment of microgrids. 


Microgrid project managers can use the award winning Heila IQ distributed controllers as building blocks to connect and monitor as many sources as required. It can sense change in the system's conditions and communicate them to the operator; it can automatically control the sources and seamlessly react to changes; and it learns from the long term operation of the microgrid to improve performance. 


Jorge Elizondo: CEO 

Aly Eltayeb: VP of Business Development 

Albert Chan: VP of Operations 

Francisco Morocz: VP of Development 

John Donnal: Technical Advisor 



Business model 

Sell products and provide consulting services

Stage of development 

TRL 6: System/Subsystem model or prototype demonstration in a relevant environment 

Grants and awards to date

  • 1st Place National CleanTech University Prize 
  • Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Prize, U.S. Department of Energy - Clean Energy Trust Challenge
  • Clean Cities Prize - Clean Energy Trust Challenge
  • Hanley Foundation Prize - Clean Energy Trust Challenge 

3-6 month milestones

  • Aquire next customer 
  • Secure funding to expand the team 

Additional needs 

  • Office/Workshop space 
  • Funding 


Francisco Morocz: franciscomorocz@gmail.com