Gecko robotics

"Eliminating death and injury in heavy industries." 



Industry verticals 

Power and Robotics 


Expensive, unreliable and dangerous infrastructure inspections result in numerous avoidable deaths and injuries every year.  


The Gecko Robotics semi-autonomous robot performs infrastructure inspections in the the power and related industries. 


Jake Loosararian: CEO 

Troy Demmer: COO

Ian Miller: CTO 

Josh Moore: Mechanical Engineer 

Yizhu Gu: Mechanical Engineer 


Business Model 

Develop robots and use them to provide inspections as a service 

Stage of development 

TRL 3: Proof of Concept 

awards and grants to date

  • $10K Ben Franklin Institute 
  • $10K Cisco IoE Innovation Challenge Prize 
  • $50K DOE Clean Energy Prize 
  • $10K Wells Fargo Clean Tech Prize 
  • $10K Shell Technology Ventures Energy Prize 

3-6 month milestones 

  • Complete 3rd generation robot for wide scale commercial deployment 
  • Secure IP and file provisional patents 
  • Line up customer jobs 


Troy Demmer at