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In the biogas market, many producers chose to burn the raw gas to make cheap electricity. Through state and federal incentives, there is a strong push to further process the gas to make pipeline-quality biomethane, a carbon negative transportation fuel. To do this, they require low cost CO2 removal technology that maximizes biomethane recovery. In the natural gas market, many well operators use membranes to remove CO2 from contaminated sites. This process involves loss of hydrocarbons through the membrane, which translates to lost revenue as well as increased flaring.


Flux Technology has developed advanced composite membranes that provide low cost and highly efficient hydrogen and natural gas purification. These highly selective, productive, and robust membranes enable small-scale and distributed hydrogen production from natural gas reforming, as well as allow biogas producers to upgrade their renewable feedstock to pipeline-quality natural gas. With membrane performance exceeding anything currently available on the market, Flux aims to improve the availability of hydrogen and biomethane, two crucial fuels for a sustainable future.

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Our initial customers are biogas producers and natural gas well operators. Across farms, wastewater treatment facilities and landfills, biogas is produced, and requires CO2 removal technology to upgrade the gas to pipeline-specification. Further, a large fraction of U.S. and global natural gas reserves are contaminated with CO2, and need to purchase CO2 removal equipment in order to produce the gas.

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