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Clean Energy


Electric hybrids need special parking spots and still drain power (mostly from nonrenewable resources) in order to function. Costly batteries also need to be replaced often and take up space in landfills.


ElectroMetro is building a low-emission, self-refuelling hydrogen hybrid vehicle that uses an intelligent system, which maximizes fuel economy. The vehicle will use a solar panel to drive an electrolysis separator cell, a type of hydrogen fuel cell that is optimized for separated containment of hydrogen and oxygen gases which results in a more efficient and safer burn. The intelligent system will decide to use hydrogen when high acceleration is necessary, gasoline when it is necessary to maintain a constant speed, and a mix of both during highway driving. What truly makes this vehicle unique is that it will restock on the necessary gasses during periods of low acceleration and even when parked.

state of development


3-6 month milestones

Design a kit that can be easily installed into a vehicle.

Design a consumer grade vehicle that uses this system.

Use this concept in other industrial applications (e.g. generators).

Increase the ability of performance vehicles by using hydrogen gas.


Riccardo Mui

Simon Gehrig

Michael Haas

Varun Sundar  

Skyler Malinowski

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