DR advisor 

"Helping remove the guess work from demand response."


industry verticals

Energy Management Software 


Real-time demand response has historically been confusing, preventing mass market adoption. 


DR-Advisor (Demand Response-Advisor) is a data-driven Demand Response (DR) recommendation system. It builds predictive models of a building based on historical weather, schedule, set-points and electricity consumption data, while also learning from the actions of the building operator. These models are then used for synthesizing recommendations about the control actions that the operator needs to take, during a demand response event, to obtain the most load curtailment while providing guarantees on occupant comfort and operations.


Dr. Madhur Behl Co-Founder

Dr. Rahul Mangharam Co-Founder



Business model 

Software as a service 

Stage of development 

TRL 3: Analytical and experimental critical function and/or characteristic proof of concept. 

grants and awards to date

1st Place, Allegheny Region CleantechUP Prize 

3-6 month milestones 

  • NSF SBIR application acceptance 
  • Pilot deployment and testing on 3 sites 

Additional needs 

  • Office space 
  • Advisors with experience in demand response 
  • Seed funding 


Dr. Madhur Behl at mbehl@seas.upenn.edu