bluewave cleaning systems 

"Changing the way the world cleans and disinfects."


industry verticals

Cleaning Services, Industrial Washing Machines 


Deodorizing and disinfecting hard to treat items without any water, detergents or manufactured chemicals - in as little as 5 minutes. We can disinfect everything from hard to wash athletic gear and apparel, to medical equipment.

  • Many odor-prone items such as shoes, comforters, pillows, helmets, athletic gear, toys, gloves, and pet beds, are difficult or impossible to wash conventionally.
  • Athletic equipment and apparel are hotbeds for diseases and odor. 
  • 1.3 million cases of MRSA in the US last year resulting in 100,000 deaths. 
  • Skin infections account for 56% of all infectious diseases in competitive sports. 
  • The current laundry regime is a two hour ordeal, and is ineffective for rapid deodorization and sanitation.
  • Healthcare companies undergo stringent, expensive and time-consuming sterilization protocols.
  • Some medical devices require very sterile packaging requirements, which our process can do automatically.

Many of the current solutions are expensive, wasteful, can result in “superbugs” or are simply ineffective.


The BlueWave is a water free, detergent free, and chemical free plasma device that can clean anything you can't wash in a traditional machine in a little as 5 minutes. It destroys odors and the active material has been proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria (such as MRSA and E. coli), viruses, and fungi. It is effective against every day items such as athletic equipment and apparel, down comforters, and pet beds - all the way to sterilizing medical equipment and implants. 


Justin Zhou President

Miles Clark Chief Strategy Officer

Julius Regalado Chief Technology Officer  

Kenneth Cherisol Chief Engineering Officer


business model 

Pending the completion of pesticidal device testing (required to make sterilization claims), we are focusing on selling into the odor removal market - specifically targeting parents with kids who play lacrosse. Not only will this address a strong market demand for an efficient way to deodorize foul smelling, expensive sports equipment, it will also get our product into the hands of affluent families who will quickly recognize the large variety of household items (e.g., down pillows, throw blankets, leather goods, pet beds, shoes, etc.) that are also treatable with our device. This pilot market will also help us transition to broader consumer adoption as we use the feedback from early adopters to determine the focus of our larger marketing push.

We are also targeting high-end fitness institutions. We have already sold a beta unit to the fastest growing fitness franchise in the US.

As to the technology, the BlueWave™ uses no water, detergents, or manufactured chemicals. Instead, it harnesses the proven sterilizing power of ozone and enhances it with a proprietary infusion process that makes it faster, more effective and more energy efficient than anything else on the market. The BlueWave™’s closed-loop process minimizes the amount of ozone required to treat an item, and any residual ozone is deactivated via a replaceable filter. We plan to sell the replacement filters as well as scent cartridges and various accessories as sources of recurring revenue.

Outside the consumer market our platform technology, the infusion/sterilization process, is applicable across a wide range of verticals, and we’re currently in talks regarding licensing opportunities in the healthcare industry. We have had our prototype tested against MRSA and E. Coli and achieved full kills on 5-log inoculums of each bacteria.

In the next 15 years, we see a rapid cleaning device like the BlueWave™ in homes and institutions all over the world – reducing the spread of infection, cutting down on foul smells, saving water, energy and time.

With diverse applications - from removing foul odor to saving lives - our technology is important to both consumers and the environment.

stage of development 

TRL 6: System prototype demonstration in a relevant environment. 

grants and awards to date

  • October 2015 - Became one of the first companies to ever win Solidworks Entrepreneurship Contest - received $20k of software
  • March 2016 - One of top 42 out of over 600+ companies invited to compete at Rice Business Plan Competition
  • April 2016 - Placed top 15 Semi-finalists at Rice Business Plan Competition - biggest and richest competition in the world
  • April 2016 - Won GAIN Fast Pitch contest in Gainesville, FL
  • May 2016 - First ever presenter for 1 Million Cups in Gainesville, FL
  • June 2016 - Top 9 Finalists at DOE Cleantech UP pitch contest

3-6 month milestones

  1. Close $300K to $600K angel round 
  2. Get feedback from beta users 
  3. Use beta testing feedback to develop production unit 
  4. Launch media campaign 
  5. Potentially launch crowdfunding campaign 

additional needs 

  • R&D equipment and additional lab space.
  • Funding to refine beta and build up an inventory, so more beta testing can be accomplished faster.
  • Funding for SG&A and traveling.
  • Mentors and advisors who have do hardware before in the consumer and B2B space.