"Creating safer, more efficient homes."


Industry verticals

Circuit Breakers - Smart Homes - IoT 


Electricity is a window into how we use our homes that is currently hidden behind a single number on your energy bill. This results in over $30 billion in wasted electricity every year. 


Smart Circuit Breakers capture data on circuit-level electricity use, while the Amper device uses disaggregation algorithms to infer per-appliance and per-room use, along with insights to people's safety, habits and appliance-use. Resulting data will help individuals become more energy efficient, improve home electrical safety, provide appliance manufacturers valuable data on appliance performance and assist utilities in optimizing electricity generation and distribution.


Akshat Thirani CEO

Phil House CTO

Nikhil Pai Head of Product



Business model 

With over 1.3M new homes built in the US every year, the residential real estate construction market would have highest adoption as an initial market. We have been in contact with 4 such companies who are interested in piloting our product since as they would be able to upsell their properties. Our value to end users is in providing safety information (eg. overheating appliances, electric-stove left on, garage door left open), circuit-breaker control, and energy transparency, which we have validated through over 75 interviews. Once our Smart Circuit Breakers have been installed in thousands of homes we will monetize the data that we collect. We have a unique insight into how resident interact with appliances within homes and we believe that we can become the Nielsen of home appliance data. We have spoken with appliance manufacturers, utilities, and home insurance companies who have all expressed interest in paying for the data we could provide.

Stage of development 

TRL 3: Proof of Concept 

Grants and awards to date 

  • SOSV VC Investment of $25K 
  • 2016 MIT Clean Energy Prize Efficiency Track Champion $20K 
  • VentureWell Grant $5K 
  • NUVC Undergraduate Prize 4th Place $3K 
  • 2015 Thiel Summit Pitch Competition Champion $1K 
  • Thiel Capital Competitive Grant $1K 

3-6 Month Milestones 

From September to December, Amper will be attending HAX (one of the best hardware accelerators in the world). Over the course of the program the team will iterate on their prototype and leave with a product ready for manufacturing. Amper will then take two months to have the Smart Circuit Breakers certified by UL and the appropriate certification bodies. Once certified, Amper will start piloting their product with partner such as National Grid and residential real estate developers. 

Additional Needs 

  • Connections to system integrator in the energy industry to secure letters of support for SBIR applications 
  • Secure LOS from Siemens, GE, etc. to complement other industry letters from Lockheed Martin and Jabil Circuit. 


Askhat Thirani: akshatthirani2016@u.northwestern.edu