"Robots for cleaner waterways."


industry verticals

Maintenance Dredging - Waterway Maintenance


Waterway maintenance is expensive and can have negative environmental impacts. 


The Microdredger shifts the paradigm of conducting waterway maintenance from a periodic overhaul into a smooth, continuous operation. It can detect and remove sediment buildups in waterways, and through a variety of disposal methods, turns dredged material from a waste product into a resource.  


Newton Parks Co-Founder

Monica Umeda COO

business model 

Sell robotic systems to waterway owners via strategic partnerships for sales and service. 

Stage of development 

System prototype demonstration in relevant environment. 

grants and awards to date

  • NSF I-Corps, UH Business Plan Competition (First Place)
  • California Dreamin' Entrepreneurship Conference and Competition (Fast Pitch First Place)
  • New Venture Championship 2015 (Lightning Round)
  • YPO Business Plan Competition (First Place)
  • FLoW Competition (Second Place)

3-6 month milestones

  • Conduct pilot testing in a marina 
  • Solidify the core team 
  • Define manufacturing streams 

additional needs 

  • Funding 
  • Workshop Space 
  • Business Management Expertise (Accounting and Program Management) 


Newton Parks at parksdd@gmail.com